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Caulking is of second most importance - after repointing - to preventing water intrusion.  Flexible caulking is needed at critical building locations subject to movement.  The performance of caulking depends upon proper installation and surface preparation.


Flexible caulking is essential to seal critical areas of a building that are subject to movement, as movement cracks traditional mortar.  Caulking compounds are flexible and adhesive. 

Areas where caulking should replace mortar include:

  • Window (and other opening) perimeters
  • Cross joints of copings, cornices, etc.
  • Structural settlement and movement cracks
  • Pre-cast concrete joints
  • Between all dissimilar materials (masonry, wood, metal, glass)
  • All curtain wall joints, metals seams and window glass perimeters

The performance of any caulking compound is contingent on its method of installation.  Proper joint preparation is essential and usually includes the removal of old compounds.

These steps are a typical application:

  • Rake out old compounds and mortar from any joints subject to structural movement.  Depth of removal should be approximately 1".  Compound residue should be completely removed from joints
  • Joint cavity is then packed with flexible foam backer rod and bond breaker to within approximately 3/8" from surface but no more then the width of the joints.
  • Fill joint with caulk using pressure gun, using masking tape when necessary. Tool joint after installing compound.

Selection of caulking depends upon the surface. Urethanes, polysuphides, silicones and other synthetic rubber compounds all have high performance and durability if properly installed.

Caulking  - new jersey
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