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We specialize in masonry repair, restoration and waterproofing of buildings such as Corporate or Commercial buildings.

Corporate or Commercial Restoration

Visakay Associates are contractors performing remedial waterproofing and masonry restoration.  We specialize in structures such as Corporate or Commercial Buildings near new jersey.  We typically work with your building maintenance department, or property management company, and we evaluate your building's existing condition and recommend appropriate remedial and preservation.

We generally inspect the building to discover defects such as: Efflorescence (salt deposits), Cracked or washed-out mortar joints, Spalling, Structural cracks, Deteriorating roof-sides or parapets, Peeling paint, Constantly wet walls (especially parapets), Heavy soiling of masonry, Defective window caulking and Displaced and clogged drains.  We also look inside for signs of Blooming plaster above and around windows or ceiling near outside walls, Peeling paint, and Streaks on inside of windows.

Call today so we can evaluate your Corporate or Commercial buildings and provide an estimate.

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I have been a satisfied customer of Visakay Associates for 15 plus years and look forward to having them continue for many more. Their work is professional and high quality. I always know that the owner is taking a personal interest in my projects from start to finish. When I receive a schedule for work to be completed, I rest assured it will be done as specified, with a great concern for safety and the experience to get the job done right the first time. John's knowledge of this industry is second to none, and he has brought items to my attention many times that has saved my budget as well as saved my insurance premiums from escalating. You will be impressed with his work; any questions please call me for a reference. . Richard Fracaro, SVP Asset Management, Wilshire Ent.