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new jersey Historic Masonry Repair & Restoration Specializing in Factories
We specialize in masonry repair, restoration and waterproofing of buildings such as Factories.

Factory Masonry Restoration

Visakay Associates are contractors performing remedial waterproofing and masonry restoration.  We specialize in structures such as Factory Buildings near new jersey.  We typically evaluate your building's existing condition and recommend appropriate remedial and preservation.

We generally inspect the building to discover defects such as: Efflorescence (salt deposits), Cracked or washed-out mortar joints, Spalling, Structural cracks, Deteriorating roof-sides or parapets, Peeling paint, Constantly wet walls (especially parapets), Heavy soiling of masonry, Defective window caulking and Displaced and clogged drains.  We also look inside for signs of Blooming plaster above and around windows or ceiling near outside walls, Peeling paint, and Streaks on inside of windows.

Call today so we can evaluate your Factory building project and provide an estimate.

Brick and Masonry Maintenance & Repairs for Historic Factories  - new jersey
Over the years we have contracted with Visakay for tuckpointing our brickwork, restoration of damaged terraces, powerwashing and sealing of parapet walls and brickwork, concrete sidewalk repairs, capping of coping stones, etc., etc. Visakay Associates is always willing to handle any of our needs. Their work is absolutely first rate, none better. Pricing on bid work is at all times competitive and their pricing on non-bid projects is always fair. In each instance, Visakay has done exactly as described in the proposals and, in most instances, exceeded what we have asked for or expected. Karl Mueller - Building Manager