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Cleaning of a masonry building is usually considered for esthetic or cosmetic reasons, but occasionally it is required as proper surface preparation for protective waterproof coatings.

Masonry Cleaning

Cleaning a masonry surface helps improve a building's esthetics and can be part of a larger restoration or waterproofing project.  Typically we utilize high pressure water and an environmentally safe cleaning solution.

Masonry is subject to efflorescence - salt deposits - which our normal cleaning solutions will not remove.  We typically remove these salt deposits using a five percent solution of muriatic acid and water, followed by a thorough water flush.  Keep in mind that if your building shows efflorescence, it could be a danger signal that your building's exterior requires masonry repairs.

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Masonry Powerwashing & Cleaning  - madison nj


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...Over the years we have contracted with Visakay for tuckpointing our brickwork, restoration of damaged terraces, power washing and sealing of parapet walls and brickwork, concrete sidewalk repairs, capping of coping stones, etc., etc. Visakay Associates is always willing to handle any of our needs. Their work is absolutely first rate, none better... Karl Mueller, Building Manager - Park Place Condominiums

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