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We provide painting services for masonry buildings and any ancillary repairs needed on the masonry, trim or ornamentation on your building.

Masonry & Painting

Visakay Associates is a contractor specializing in masonry restoration and waterproofing near new jersey.  We can evaluate and recommend any needed repairs to your masonry and related waterproofing systems that may be needed to provide a quality long lasting job.

We often combine painting with other building maintenance such as cleaning, repointing, restoration, and caulking.  Our full range of services run from roofline to grade, and can include interior repairs.

We are experienced in all aspects of masonry painting and coatings.  Call us today for your free evaluation and estimate.

Brick and Masonry Painting  - new jersey
Brick and Masonry Painting  - new jersey


Brick and Masonry Painting  - new jersey


I have been a satisfied customer of Visakay Associates for 15 plus years and look forward to having them continue for many more. Their work is professional and high quality. I always know that the owner is taking a personal interest in my projects from start to finish. ... John's knowledge of this industry is second to none, and he has brought items to my attention many times that has saved my budget as well as saved my insurance premiums from escalating. Richard Fracaro - Wilshire Enterprises