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bedminster nj Masonry Preservation & Restoration
Masonry restoration and preservation is work done to remediate defects in masonry structures and facades. Restoration can include cleaning, tuck pointing, repairs, caulking, flashing and waterproofing.

Masonry Restoration

Visakay Associates are contractors performing remedial waterproofing and masonry restoration near bedminster nj.  We typically evaluate your building's existing condition and recommend appropriate remedial and preservation.

Tell-Tale Signs

Certain symptoms can indicate defects in the building and point towards needed masonry repairs and restoration.  These include:


  • Efflorescence (salt deposits)
  • Cracked or washed-out mortar joints
  • Spalling (disintegrating) brick, stone, etc.
  • Structural cracks
  • Deteriorating roof-sides or parapets
  • Peeling paint
  • Constantly wet walls (especially parapets)
  • Heavy soiling of masonry
  • Defective window caulking
  • Displaced and clogged drains


  • Blooming plaster (blistering and flaking) above and around windows (also, ceiling near outside walls)
  • Peeling paint
  • Streaks on inside of windows
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...We use Visakay for all of our exterior building maintenance projects & would not even consider using another company for our waterproofing, cleaning & restoration needs. I consider John Visakay a very professional, honest & reputable man who always makes frequent visits to the job site to check on the quality & progress of the crew...  Mike Hroncich, Maint Dir. - St Peter the Apostle Church
Restoration of Bricks with Efflorescense  - bedminster nj


Restoration of Masonry Joints  - bedminster nj

Washed Out Mortar

Restoration of spalling brick and masonry  - bedminster nj


Restoration of Masonry Cracks  - bedminster nj

Structural Cracks

Restoration of Peeling Masonry Coatings & Paint  - bedminster nj

Peeling Paint

Masonry Restoration & Caulking  - bedminster nj

Defective Window Calking