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Openings in the mortar joints is a common source of water penetration for a building. Most masonry restoration projects involve repointing or tuckpointing to restore the integrity of the mortar joints.  It includes removing all defective mortar to at least 1/2" depth and re-pointing with new mortar.

Tuckpointing & Repointing

After determining the cause and locations of building defects, consider the cure.  In most masonry structures, water and frost damage result from openings in the mortar joints, rather then the porosity of the masonry units.  Here lies the need for tuckpointing (aka re-pointing) -- the backbone of masonry restoration.

Source Of Leaks

A major source of masonry leaks are the vertical joints in a brick veneer wall. Often a careless mason will not adequately "butter-up" then ends of the bricks during installation, resulting in deterioration of the joint.  Masonry units frequently require repairs, but are rarely  the source of water penetration to building interiors.  Damage is usually more prevalent in parapets, cornices, piers, pinnacles, cheek walls and other projections -- This is due to the lack of the drying characteristics provided by the interior's heat.  Cold walls produce greatly accelerated disintegration to both masonry units and joints.  Generally deterioration in masonry is due to water absorption in conjunction with frost action.

The Remedy

Once the need for repointing has been established, the repointing process involves the following:

  • All washed out, cracked, loose, or otherwise defective mortar joints need to be cut out for the full joint to at least 1/2" depth (deeper if not reached sound mortar).  Joint then dusted clean.
  • Then joints are tuckpointed with a waterproof cement mortar firmly compressed in joint with narrow jointing tool.  The new mortar is mixed to match existing mortar color, and tooled to match the existing texture and contour.

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Brick and Masonry Tuckpointing  - new jersey

Deteriorating Mortar Joints

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Cleaned Out Joints

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