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In theory, a masonry wall constructed with water tight joints is impervious to leakage - In reality there is no such thing as a perfectly assembled wall.  Waterproofing is like "insurance" to help the longevity of a surface after it is properly repointed and caulked.

Transparent Masonry Waterproofing

Waterproofing can help your masonry walls perform better.  In a perfectly constructed new wall system with proper flashing and perfect joints, waterproofing would not be needed -- But in reality  there is seldom a perfectly constructed wall.  A rehabilitated wall benefits greatly from waterproofing, as rehabilitation techniques never produce a 100% waterproof wall.  Think of masonry waterproofing as insurance, you sleep better knowing that it is there.

Let It Breathe

It is essential that a transparent waterproofing product allow the masonry to "breathe".  Most modern waterproofing products do allow the masonry to breathe, if they are properly applied according to manufacturer instructions.  The manufacturer also described acceptable surface conditions for application.  Any needed repairs, tuck pointing, flashing, and caulking should be done before any waterproofing material is applied.

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Our family owns four older apartments buildings in Cliffside Park and North Bergen, NJ.  We have used Visakay Associates on many occasions from 2006 to the present, and have found then to be professional, thorough and reliable.  Skip is also easy to talk to.  We will continue to call them for any future needs. A Karel, Oper. Mgr. - KC Properties, LLC