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Masonry Waterproofing  in new jersey for Private Estates
We specialize in masonry repair, restoration and waterproofing of buildings such as Private Estates. 

Private Estate Masonry Restoration

Visakay Associates are contractors performing remedial waterproofing and masonry restoration.  We specialize in structures such as Private Estates near new jersey.  These types of structure often have prominent architectural features which we can help restore to pristine condition.  We work with the architect, owner or property management firm to typically evaluate your building's existing condition and recommend appropriate remedial and preservation.

We generally inspect the building to discover defects such as: Efflorescence (salt deposits), Cracked or washed-out mortar joints, Spalling, Structural cracks, Deteriorating roof-sides or parapets, Peeling paint, Constantly wet walls (especially parapets), Heavy soiling of masonry, Defective window caulking and Displaced and clogged drains.  We also look inside for signs of Blooming plaster above and around windows or ceiling near outside walls, Peeling paint, and Streaks on inside of windows.

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Masonry Waterproofing  in new jersey for Private Estates
Masonry Repair, Maintenance, and Restoration for Private Estates  - new jersey
This is a totally unsolicited letter of praise for John Visakay and Visakay Associates, Inc. from a retired local judge who doesn't suffer fools graciously and simply admires competence. If a contractor can please this cynical old coot, that contractor would easily please anyone.

My wife and I became acquainted with Visakay Associates through contact with their web site. We had no prior dealings with or knowledge of Visakay Associates and were initially apprehensive. In retrospect, our selection of Visakay was a stroke of good fortune. John Visakay is knowledgeable, experienced, pragmatic in his analysis and, more significantly, is a caring and professional contractor. Visakay ran into some unexpected problems with our small job. These problems were taken in stride without complaint and attended to with diligence even though impacting on profit margin. This was a rare experience for us.

Here was a contractor not only having clearly real world experience but also possessing rare, old time traditional values. We soon realized good work and professional competence is simply part of John's DNA. We would not initiate a letter like this unless someone is top notch. Visakay Associates meets that criteria. It is an excellent firm. We would use them again in a heartbeat.. Robert G. Fogelson